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Pool and Fitness Center 

Health, Wellness, & Fun!

The Pool

Bend summers are incredible and best enjoyed outdoors.  You know the junior golfers are cooling off at our private outdoor pool when you see a cluster of tiny golf bags sitting outside the front door.  Perfect for both swimming laps and good old-fashioned family fun, our pool environment is everything summer is supposed to be. 

Our dedicated lap swimming times allow avid swimmers to get in their strokes without distraction. Outside of lap times, Awbrey Glen kids look forward to coming to the club when they can play in the main pool, separate wading pool, or nearby playground.  Parents love joining their kids in the main pool but when it’s time to relax, they can enjoy a soak in the hot tub or some poolside lounging with our snack bar and barbecue.  Your kids will have a blast while you get some well deserved downtime after a friendly round of golf or a long day at work.

And because Awbrey Glen believes learning should be fun and safe, we offer swim lessons from experienced, enjoyable staff.  Group, semi-private, and private swim lessons are available for all swim levels and age groups.

Fitness Center

Yet another aspect of the Awbrey Glen community is our fitness center, where friends workout together as accountability partners each week.  Friendly and welcoming, you’ll want to stay in shape year-round with our cardiovascular equipment, free weights, and weight machines.  Open from 5 am - 10 pm, you’ll easily fit exercise into your schedule and enjoy the neighborly atmosphere as an excellent alternative to larger gyms.

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